Why calcium chloride?

The combination of calcium chloride’s aggressive moisture absorption and RJB Drybags™ safe, solid and dependable design is protection that is proven superior to others in the market.

Superior by nature

Calcium chloride (CaCl2) aggressively absorbs moisture from the air: It can attract several times its own weight in water, dissolving into a liquid brine if the air is humid enough and the temperature is high enough. The water is trapped in a membrane-protected chamber, which prevents captured water from spilling or reevaporating into the surrounding air.

Absorption capacity

Desiccant material absorb more moisture when the relative humitidity (RH) of the surrounding air is higher. At a RH of only 50% calcium chloride’s moisture absorption is 150% its weight in water. And its absorption increases exponentially as the RH rises, which is a remarkable result compared to other desiccants, such as silica gel and clay.

No evaporation

Our products prevents moisture from leaking onto the cargo or re-evaporating back into the air, which is not always the case with other desiccant materials.

Environmentally friendly

Many other absorption materials contain moisture indicators that are produced with toxic Cobolt. RJB Drybags™ products contain only calcium chloride, a naturally occurring compound abundant in seawater. It’s non-toxic and friendly on both the environment and on those who use our products.