RJB Drybags™ – Custom made

Container Desiccants are used to protect goods from moisture inside a container. We offer Container Desiccants in shapes, sizes and weights that are seen as most efficient and effective over the years; unique with every bag is the balanced moisture absorption and the safe gel-transformation process. The active ingredient is calcium chloride. Calcium chloride is friendly on the environment and on those who use the products. It has an outstanding capacity to absorb moisture from the surrounding air.

Although we have an extensive and proven range of products, we are constantly developing new desiccant solutions. But, if you do not find what you are looking for, then we can take the next step to evaluate and customize a desiccant to suit your specific needs, such as Umbrella-systems with absorbent elements inside to be hung high above the cargo or Active-blankets which can be hung under the ceiling and directly above the cargo. We need to take in to consideration how your needs differ from already existing RJB products. Each customized production is made according to fixed orders or contracts.

Main specs

Any design can be used for any type of cargo, the absorbing agent used is calcium chloride (CaCl2). The calcium chloride absorbs moisture from the surrounding air passing in through its outer breathable packaging material. The viscous gel ensures absorbed moisture stays in the product.

The desiccant is a single-use product and can be disposed as regular waste. The individual pouches in the large designs are made on the basis of a non-moisture-permeable film on one side and the moisture-permeable Tyvek on the other. This has, for example, led to the development of a safe blanket.


Suitable for


  • High absorption capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Protects loads throughout their journey
  • No loss of cargo space
  • Environmental friendly, no toxic materials
  • DIN-ISO 9001-2015 certified producer/supplier
  • REACH-registered (EU Mandatory registration for producer and buyer/user)

Custom made requirements

  • Can be produced as follows:
    • Minimum: 1 pouch
    • Width: 1, 2, 3 or 4 pouches wide (Blankets can be wider)
    • Length: unlimited
  • The module base is square 145×150 mm and is fixed
  • Decide desiccant filling amount:
    • Minimum 50 gram per square, then 25-gram interval to 125 grams
  • Special desiccant printing
  • Special box
  • Special box label
  • Decide suitable installation accessory:
    • Hook
    • Need for adhesive pads?
    • Need for grommets?
    • Need for ropes?

Environment, CSR & REACH

The desiccant is a single-use product and can be disposed as regular waste because safely sourced natural resources are used. The calcium chloride and gelling agents are non-toxic and the polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) plastics are recyclable.

The products are registered REACH coordinated by the European Chemical Agency, ECHA. These products are inspected by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (Ilent) per member state in the European Union.

In practice